DVDs And Me

Every once in a while, I remember that I’m a published author. Granted, the book in question is now out-of-print and in German, but it still counts. I even got invited to a conference in Karlsruhe, where I gave a somewhat rushed talk on how to create DVDs in Linux (the slides from that talk are still up, by the way).

I still get emails asking questions about using dvdauthor; sadly, I’m no longer the best person to ask, as I haven’t used it for almost five years. However, during a recent clean-up of my hard drive, I found the original English draft of the chapter I wrote back in December 2004. So, for the first time on the internet anywhere, I present a guide to dvdauthor (as it was back in 20045) in English! For free! Don’t say I never give you anything!

(yes, you can probably complain that I never give you anything useful, but that’s an argument for another day)