PowerPC, We Knew You Well

It took less than a year for the Macintosh line to move to its third line of processors, a process completed today by the release of the Intel Mac Pro and Xserve processors, consigning the PowerMac name to history (sob).

But the main part of Steve Jobs’s keynote address today was dedicated to showing off a preview of Mac OS X 10.5, codenamed Leopard. They didn’t show everything (“to stop Redmond’s photocopiers” - just one of many cheap shots thrown Microsoft’s way), but there’s quite a few impressive new features in the next update, to whit:

No new shiny stuff. I imagine that new iPods will probably be announced in January when Leopard ships, and aside from small performance increases, the Macbook/Macbook Pro lines won’t change until the middle of next year. We’re all ready for Leopard now. Who needs Vista?

Oh yes, and my Macbook is on its way back to me!

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